About Us

New Zeal Ministries is a charitable, religious and educational conduit to help equip people to come through to maturity in their personal lives. This is achieved through principle base teaching in keeping with the preservation of Christian values.

At New Zeal We believe in helping people come through to wholeness in their lives with the development of the body, soul, and spirit. Thus, the three aspects of our ministry are: Leadership training, Spiritual growth (relationship), and practical teaching on living a balanced life. Our leadership training programs help to build a foundation that individuals and groups can grow on.

We are presently working in several third world countries sharing Biblical Base leadership and personal development seminars to train various religious and community organizations.
This is an incredible opportunity to reach a cross-section of society and help build a network of strong families and community leaders.

Andrew McKean – Bio & Personal Calling

In 1978 GandrewMcKeaneod called me to go to Papua New Guinea (PNG) as a working missionary. I spent two years (Dec. 1978 – Jan. 1981) in the Southern Highlands training and working with the local people through a mechanical background as a Saw Doctor coupled with helping start a local church. It was there that I realized how so many people were hurting through extreme poverty and spiritual bondage coupled with lack of insight on how to change it.

Upon returning to New Zealand I worked in several Christian & commercial ventures which also included a brief period with Campus Crusade for Christ in Auckland city. It was during this period I contracted a clinical infection of an incurable blood disease which almost cost me my life.In the depths of despair God spoke to me and said that you will become a “restorer of My people”, helping people to come through to maturity in Christ. After nine months of being practically ‘house bound’ I was supernaturally healed.

I trained as a Chaplain and for several years served as a Chaplain to corporations and government departments in New Zealand.
During this time I began traveling extensively through much of S.E. Asia and the Pacific Rim countries for both ministry and business. Upon moving to the U.S some nineteen years ago; I became an ordained Pastor while working my Computer Consultancy business which helps to support us.

Driven with a passion to see people come through to maturity in their spiritual and practical lives I began to teach principle/integrity-based leadership skills, coupled with basic information on good health practices and self-sufficiency programs. As a Pastor/missionary, I am familiar with the inner workings of various cultures. My business and ministry travels have taken me to many countries such as Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Australia, Fiji, Malaysia, Korea, Taiwan, England, Singapore and parts of Africa. God has helped me to become a seasoned communicator with a proven ability to conduct seminars and training in a clear, concise and motivating manner through a stimulating yet non-threatening learning environment.